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Holidays, holidays, and after Christmas, that's why beloved, we ask you to pay attention to the donation bar. Last month we did not reach 100% , we were short of PLN 110 . : dobani:We hope that this month will be better, especially since we are planning something special for you in June , which requires a lot of money to buy the source : cfaniak:

. For this reason, we are launching an additional promotion . Each donation for a multiple of PLN 25 will give you an additional 1500 GB of UPLOAD ! http://torrentinvites.org/images/smilies/regular_smile.gifA great opportunity to raise your ratio , and for leeches to finally shine with a different color:wink:

We remind you that each donation removes H&R , clears warns , and the MVP rank exempts you from SEEDING.Remember http://torrentinvites.org/images/smilies/cool.gif

that what we do, we do out of passion, but paying for servers, source for premieres or streaming services is not cheap and if you care about that there is as much content on the website as before - do not forget about us http://torrentinvites.org/images/smilies/regular_smile.gif As of today, the monthly cost of maintaining the website is PLN 825, and as you know, this is a drop in the ocean of needs
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