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Easter 2022 - Post in the forum!

Dear Users!

We wish you all a happy Easter!

On the occasion of the holiday, we prepared for you with a little egg search next to the ham.
We hid 9 Easter eggs "randomly" in the description of the torrents on the site, each containing a letter.
The 9 letters give out a word that could be submitted HERE. Each user who answers correctly earns a male egg and 15000 points.

Deadline for submission of solutions: 18.04.2022. 21 hours

Important information:
• The solution is a meaningful Hungarian word.
• Rewards will be awarded within 72 hours of the end of the game.
• Case is not case sensitive.
• The version of the solution specified with English alphabet characters is also correct.
• You only have one option to submit the solution, so make sure you type the solution correctly.
• Publishing the solution may result in exclusion
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