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TV-Vault | TVV | Old TV Series | 2022 Review


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TV-Vault | TVV | Old TV Series | 2022 Review

Name: TV-Vault (TVV)
URL: tv-vault.me
Genre: Old TV Series
Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based
Singup: Closed - Invite Only
Maintaining Ratio: Medium
Bonus System: None
Banned Countries: -
IRC:Server: irc.tv-vault.me
Channel: #tv-vault


TV-Vault is a very unique tracker dedicated for old TV shows, TV movies and documentaries. All content must have aired on or before December 31, 2014 which means that the TV show/movie must have ended fully before that date. They have a pretty decent amount of old content, around 55,553 torrents as for december 2020.
The community prefers torrents in high quality though most of the content is pre-HD-age, so while quality isn't a must, most shows have several different qualities including HD. The community is pretty active. Out of a total of 11,063 registered users, about 4,333 active this month. The IRC channel is active as well, but not as crowded as other TV trackers out there.
Staff is very helpful and professional. TV-Vault is a sister site to Cinemageddon so many of CG staffers are also on TVV. Staff do their best to fulfill requests as TVV stands on a 60% request fulfillment ratio. Also, the Wiki information is huge, a lot to learn from this tracker about torrenting and old TV shows.
Maintaining ratio is not very easy, not much freeleech torrents and no present bonus system. But, TVV launch many sitewide freeleech events, so if you get the chance you can build a pretty decent ratio during an event.
Invites are not too hard to come by, Power Users get an invite or two every month. In order to become a Power User, you have to upload some content yourself.
In conclusion, TVV is a unique tracker that is the best in its' on category. I personally appreciate their work as it is very important to preserve the golden content that aired on TV many many years ago.








TOP 10



Pre Times    --
Community    7/10
Content    9/10
Speed    8/10
Overall Rating    8/10





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