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About "Seedbox/Proxy/Shared IP Registration" | About "Seedbox/Proxy/Shared IP Registration"

1. U2 has no relevant filing policy
2. The filing is useless, the management team will not look at it
3. The filing or not does not affect whether the violation/sentence is violated
Irrigation, deletion, and possibly a 1-week warning (or not)
4. If the filing really makes you feel more at ease, the management team has prepared a "centralized posting of filings that the management team will not read", where you can post the filing at will, Of course, the management team does not care about the disclosure of personal privacy caused by public posting and filing. The link is as follows:

-------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

1. U2 users do not have duty to report/register their seedbox/shared ip/proxy usage to staff team.
2 . It is useless if you do that, we won't bother checking them.
3. It does not affect rule violation and punishment decision.
4. From now on, if you post those messages to Staff Message or forum (as thread), it will be deleted (as SPAM) and you may (or may not) get a 1 week warning.
5. If post those info do make you feeling better, we have prepared "The Registration Mega Thread That We Will NOT Check". You are free to post those info in that thread as you like. Staff team will not care about any privacy info leak if it happens this way. Link:
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