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Google Translation:

Updated IPTV page and Easter competition.
Again a news from friends in Ankeborg. We want to thank all users for making SuperBits the best tracker in the Nordic region.

We wish you a happy Easter, just right is always best, we usually say in staff. http://torrentinvites.org/images/smilies/beer.gif

There is an EASTER COMPETITION with nice prizes. If you are hungry for bonus points, come in and post!

It has been a while since last so we take the opportunity to mention kungtv again. Our IPTV page for those who are not members of SuperBits. We have updated the page to make it easier for people to renew their accounts. Also added some new TV boxes that can be ordered there.

Also at SuperBits, we have updated IPTV with new boxes, and removed some boxes. We have now added the Z10 Pro and Z10 Pro Max. Shipped quickly domestically.

New Payment System: We have grown on the IPTV side and have now updated the payment system so it is managed automatically.

When an order is placed, you will receive a bitcoin address IMMEDIATELY . If you order at SuperBits, you will receive it in the PM, if you order at kungtv.com, you will receive it by email.
As soon as it is paid, it is visible to all those who handle IPTV matters and they can quickly complete the purchase. We hope that you will notice that the handling will go much faster in the future!
In other respects, all messages from the IPTV part will be handled centrally. So for questions or the like, please refer to staffPM https://superbits.org/info/for fastest handling.
Orders are made just as usual, the difference is that you will receive answers from the System user and not from staff users.

We are working on in the background. Nothing major happened behind the scenes. We had to close some servers that were Russian registered. The normal operation is done continuously. The site works and people seem happy. After the last server move we made, everything has flowed really smoothly.

Staff wishes you a really happy EASTER
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