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Animebytes | AB | Anime | 2022 Review


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 Animebytes | AB | Anime | 2022 Review


Tracker Name: Animebytes
Tracker URL:  https://animebytes.tv/
Tracker Genre: Anime
Tracker Type: Ratio Based
Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only
Seed Difficulty: Medium
Bonus System: Yes
Tracker IRC:  irc.animebytes.tv #animebytes



Tracker Description


Animebytes is a large tracker specializing in Anime, Printed Media, Games, liveshows and music it is a difficult tracker to get into but once your in you will be exposed to torrents that are of exceptional quality, stats are visible in the screenshots below. The tracker has many freeleech torrents available for you to download and build up a ratio while earning yourself some nice bonus points for seeding. The bonus points store has many items that you can spend your points on (see below) . The community here is very friendly and helpful  and you can also gain a variety of different achievements when participating in various activities.









Pretimes    9 / 10
Community    10 / 10
Content    9 / 10
Speed    9 / 10
Tracker Rating    9 / 10


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