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Google Translation:

About the Easter game

The essence of the game:
Eggs of different colors appear randomly on the page. You can collect them by clicking on them. You can exchange your collected eggs in pairs, ie you can exchange two of the same color.
Eggs of all colors are special, you can replace any color with it, and you can change any color with it.
The chances of eggs occurring depend on the number of eggs collected per day, meaning the more eggs you find on a given day, the less often they will appear, and you can find a maximum of 50 eggs a day . You can see the current quantity in the top left icon on the page or on the eggs page. 50 doesn’t count what you give away, but it does count what you get!
To upload each torrent , you will definitely receive a piece of egg (purple or yellow or orange or any color) - even after reaching 50 per day, but it counts as 50!
A piece of egg (purple or yellow or orange or any color) is worth over 80% to complete the Easter quiz - even after reaching 50 per day, but it counts in the 50!

There are two ways to redeem :
1. Gift : If you redeem your eggs for a gift, you will receive some random gift, but depending on the color, there is also a guaranteed prize, which you can see on the right side of the Eggs page .
2. Bunny Points : If you switch eggs to bunny points, you can build a big common bunny. When the bunny is done, you will of course receive a common gift. With the bunny structure, the game doesn't end there!

The game runs until Monday (or Tuesday) night , regardless of when the bunny is ready (unless the server can't handle the load).
Once the bunny is done, the eggs can only be redeemed for gifts. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on the common gift first so that it is available as soon as possible!

Eggs can be developed as follows:
A higher level can be made from 3 eggs, with the exception of Orange and All Colors.
Two of the redeemed eggs become used, while one becomes unused at a higher level. If the eggs used have been delivered, they will remain delivered and will be included in the daily delivery limit (20 pieces, see below).
Attention! Eggs used for development do not count towards the daily search limit (50 pieces)!
That is, if one day you found 6 eggs of which 3 you used for development, the number of eggs per day will be 4: 3 not used + 1 developed.

Another interesting part of the game is the trade . You can hand over your unused eggs to any user (up to 20 per day for the same user) who has already found at least one egg, ie is in play. Eggs can be exchanged or simply given as a gift. We have created a separate forum topic for the exchange here . Of course, you can also search for each other in private messages. The egg market can help you find the colors, give it a try!
If you have a problem or have any comments, write here .

Have fun!
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