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xbtmusic.org News

Despite apparent pandemics, lockdowns, notorius lack of time, now apparently wars and whatever the fuck else, the platform has finally been completed. We will likely open logon in a few weeks, still running basic test simulating normal usage.

Yes, this project will absolutely be back online. That's why the new tracker has been running all along. Ignore any nonsense or gossip you may stumble upon.

Start seeding your torrents. Higher the load the better. You can view current tracker peer numbers at the status page.

Wish to help? Donate Bitcoin. You can use the signature address listed below.

The Braindrain and Prospective Uploaders programmes will go live once we are fully online.

- - - Updated - - -

One of the most weirdest tracker "updates" to imagine, i guess. Has there anybody been on the tracker during beta?
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