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We are currently looking for volunteers who can help us with site management by becoming volunteer staff. Depending on your interests, time and skill level you will be assigned different roles. The time commitment is not that big (just a few hours a week max) and the idea is that we get multiple people to cover all the timezones and minimise the workload on one staffer.

Whats required:
- Minimum 1 year membership
- Power User and above status
- Free time availability 3-5 hours a week total
- You will be compensated with monthly upload ratio of 5gb in the site of your choosing as well as the top 3 staff members of each site a much larger reward for their dedication

We mostly need people who have the free time to help us with the various tasks that are required to run the site such as user account management, removing dupe torrents, forum moderating and general support (IRC + Staff Contact). In general basically help us grow the sites by weeding out bad new user applicants and allow decent applicants to join the community.

If interested please use STAFF button and we’ll get in touch with you with further details.
Please include available time-slots (in GMT time) during the week: I.e. Monday-Tuesday: 19:00-20:00, Friday: 20:00-21:00 along with your preference in what you would be interested to do (forums, users hunting, user support, torrents). Senior Staff will provide all the training and guidance required in order to perform your tasks. Keep in mind this is not a contract; If you become unavailable all that is needed is to let us know.

Inactive staff members will be demoted to a special class and when/if time permits again for them to join us they will be promoted again.

Thank you for your time and stay safe!
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