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Explanation on full employee security number and other matters
1. Full security number.

For a long time, many PT players like to pursue permanent account protection, otherwise the account will be deleted, and the past has become a thing of the past. The management team also understands everyone's need for account security. After negotiation, it has decided to give all users the right to secure account numbers:

all accounts will be retained forever and will not be deleted ; was temporarily banned .
Except for special circumstances, because the activity rule is automatically banned for the first time , all will have an opportunity to unconditionally appeal to unblock the account; in
special circumstances, it will comprehensively judge whether to grant a conditional release based on the historical preservation situation or activity, etc. seal up. The cat station does not support donation and unblocking . The conditions here are limited to the requirements related to the activity of the site, such as seed preservation/breeding , such as: requiring seed preservation for 1T3 months.

At the same time, the account retention rules are planned to be adjusted to:
All accounts will be permanently secured and will not be deleted ; however, based on site security, some users will be temporarily banned due to activity rules.
Users with no traffic (that is, uploading/downloading data are both 0) will have their accounts disabled after 7 days of registration; users who do not log in for 60
consecutive days will have their accounts disabled; users who have archived accounts will be disabled if they do not log in for 180 consecutive days Accounts; Angora Cat/Veteran User and above users will not be banned after sealing their accounts ; Sichuan Jianzhou Cat/Nexus Master and above users, and Yellow Star users will not be banned.

As a transition, users who have been "guaranteed" or "blocked" before will not be significantly affected: 1). Accounts that have been "guaranteed"
before the rule adjustment will not be automatically banned. Up to now, it has not been closed for 60 consecutive days . The logged-in Veteran User, Extreme User and Ultimate User will be automatically adjusted to the archived state. At that time, the archive will be automatically released after logging in to the site, and it will automatically return to normal; users who have previously reached the "guaranteed number", if they plan not to log in to the site for a long time, please take the initiative in time. Seal the account . 2). Accounts that have been "sealed" before the adjustment of the rules , if they are banned after this adjustment, if they visit the site within 365 days according to the old rules, they will have an opportunity to unconditionally unsealed and unsealed the account. 2. Several optimizations. Maozhan has been listening to everyone's voices and has been making progress. Recently, many adjustments have been made, such as: 1. Added [Audit Status] to the search box 2. Added the function of Douban/IMDB [Seed Grouping]. 3.【Request replanting】interval increased to 1 month. 4. Solve the problems left over from history: The region at the time of seeding was adjusted from the United Kingdom and the United States (US&UK) to Europe and the United States (Western). 5. For ordinary users, when the user's privacy level is not strong, a list of seeds such as hair seeding/seeding will be displayed. 6. Adjust the top menu bar and add "Rules", "FAQ", "wiki" and "Administration Group" submenus in the help menu. For more site development records, please check Site Development Records|Site Changelog 3. New suppression communication area.

Thanks to everyone's support and the hard work of the members of the suppression team, the -PTer suppression team has been able to achieve some progress and achievements. For this reason, a new suppression exchange area has been set up. Encoding [Garfield POWER USER+ can be seen] , which is convenient for cat friends to exchange suppression experience and share experience. At the same time, the PTer Suppression Beginner's Guide has been launched, and the entry process for newcomers to the suppression group will be completed in this area. Warmly welcome all cat friends to share and communicate or join the suppression group

4. Backup cookies.

In view of security reasons related to copyright, visitor access may be closed in April. Please backup Cookies in advance to prevent short-term loss of contact. Please refer to: Cookies (cookies) simple storage tutorial

Once again, everyone is welcome to make suggestions and show their magical powers!
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