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Hello everyone on JME!

From today the login on the new JME page is also approved for all users.

The new URL: Link to new JME https://jme-reunit3d.de/
is (just click the link)!
That means you can log in immediately.
Just click on the LINK above, please use the same username and pw as here.
After logging in, you are of course free to change your pw for the new JME.

One or the other will probably notice that he has a different user rank there.
These settings will probably still be adjusted.

If you notice significant deviations in your stats such as upload, download or bonus points, get in touch and you will then receive a corresponding credit after checking.
P. S. without notification, there will be no further adjustment of the stats.

If you have any questions, please contact a team member, preferably Jager or me, via Pchat or PM.

Regards ecke
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