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ThePlace.click | TP | E-learning / Seduction | 2022 Review


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ThePlace.click | TP | E-learning / Seduction | 2022 Review


Name: The Place (TP)
Genre: E-Learning / Seduction
Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based
Singup: Invite Only
Maintaining Ratio: Medium
Bonus System: None
Banned Countries: -
IRC: Server: irc.ThePlace.click 6667, Channel: #ThePlace.click



Tracker Description

The Place is an old E-Learning tracker for like-minded adults to gather and share their techniques, experiences, and theories on seduction, relationships,
dating, and other related personal self-improvement goals. Other than self-improvement and seduction content, you will also find Sex, Health &
Fitness, Food & Drinks, Fashion & Clothing, Psychology & Body Language, Dancing & Singing, Languages, Accents, MMA, Magic and more.
Like all .click (.bz) trackers, ThePlace is known for group buys, where a group of people contributes money to purchase an
expensive product/file/book from some other place in the filesharing world or actual stores. This torrent will then be a .click exclusive,
which cannot be shared outside, under penalty of a ban. This allows it to obtain many high quality products that other trackers often do not have.
The community is very active and nice. The forums are very interesting and you can find yourself spending a lot of time chatting there.
Maintaining ratio is not hard but not too easy either. There's some Freeleech and Neutral-Leech torrents.
Speeds are okay, but most files are rather small (e-learning) so it's not a huge issue. Content is amazing though.












Pre-Times    -/10
Speed    8.5/10
Content    9/10
Community    8/10
Overall Score    8.5/10


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