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Spring invitation and rule changes

Dear Users!

We're writing to let you know that we've changed our user account policy. Starting tomorrow, sharing nCore user accounts will be disabled, with 1 username now restricted to 1 person. We are also unable to investigate issues with shared accounts, and we may ban bulk sharing of usernames.

In order to facilitate the transition, we are announcing an invitation promotion until April 30, during which we will open the invitation option to all our Members or higher-ranking users for 15,000 points (or 5,000 points as a Premium Member).

In addition to the above, we award gift invitations to our most dedicated users. Each user who has been a member of nCore for at least 3 years and does not have a HnR month yet will receive 1 free invitation, which will appear in the Invitation menu as a 0-point invitation code generation option.

Please pay attention to the invitation rules and consider who you invite to the site:
• As before, only 1 invitation can be sent in April.
• It is forbidden to re-invite a user who is under restriction due to HnR, has been banned due to an irregularity, or has not logged in for more than 8 weeks and has therefore been suspended!

The nCore Staff
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