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Pornbay are once again looking to recruit new First Line Support members. As you might recall we've already done this in the past and have since welcomed many new friends to the fold. And you also know we're expanding - we have a functioning invite system now, with new members joining the site regularly - and as such we need to expand our staff and FLS team as well. If you are interested in helping out and making Pornbay better, this might be up your alley.

What will be required:
Positive engagement with FLS duties
IRC presence. (We will help you set up.)
General torrenting knowledge, as well as knowledge of our site rules
An interest in helping others
A sense of humor, because we like to have fun and joke around

The IRC is an integral part of the team building process, as well as our primary method of communication and discussion between FLS, Moderators and Admin staff members. As FLS, IRC presence will be required preferably whenever you are active on site.

While FLS are not moderators and have no abilities to quality check torrents or moderate users, they should be prepared to point users in the direction of the rules when the user or users are close to or recently crossed the lines in regards to the rules.

Most importantly, FLS are here to help the users with any questions or problems. This includes teaching them the basics of torrenting and uploading, and with any issues they have.

If you apply for a position, we will ask that you really are interested. We will require of you to spend time in our IRC channels, as well as participate in the forums to help other users and answering staff PM's. In the previous thread we were lax with the requirements, but this time we will not be. While we obviously appreciate all the interest you guys have in helping out, if you can only give a few hours here and there, this offer is not for you. The position is of course totally voluntary. There are no real benefits; all you will get is that warm fuzzy feeling when you help a clueless user. New FLS will be recruited for a trial period of a few weeks after which we'll review your work and progress. There are also plans for new teams for FLS to help deal with other areas of the site as we develop further ideas, but nothing conclusive as of yet.

If you are interested in joining the ranks, respond in this thread and we will have a look at your history. If you have previously applied and are still interested then please apply again. Do not PM me or any other member of staff or send staff PM's, only respond in this thread. If we think you have what it takes, we might get back to you with more in depth info and questions.

If you are interested, please let us know in the official forum thread: Pornbay is looking to recruit new FLS members, do you want to join the junior staff ranks?

Pornbay Staff
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