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Tracker Name SocietyGlitch
Tracker URL https://stalker.societyglitch.com/
Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Tracker Genre Misc
Seed Difficulty Easy (Almost ratioless)
Banned Countries None




Tracker Description




  • SocietyGlitch is a pretty rare and really unique tracker on the scene. Some could call it a weird and creepy place but it would be perfect for all the users who consider yourself as a "stalker" in all the ways or people who likes weird content.
  • SG is small (809 users atm and 509 torrents) but interesting place. It contains everything that other tracker wouldn't ever contain. Most of the content is a home footage, old VHS videos, tapes that somebody found at their garage or camera they bought, etc. The rarer the better.
  • Most of the users and staffers seems weird as well. Community is small (as been said above) and not really active. But not dead, too. Users can exchange strange and unusual things at forums or just chat without any censorship.
  • Speeds are not so cool but okay. Since tracker is ratioless at some point (they don't really care about your ratio, the main thing is just seed to keep torrents alive because staff can warn or ban users who doesn't), some torrents are dead.
  • In general, this place not for everybody. But if you have same interests about stuff you probably will never find anywhere else or you're tired of usual trackers with pre-times and tons of material you can find everywhere, you can try SG. At your own risk.













Home Page (News)














Upload Page







Top 10 Torrents














Image Board





















Donation Page









Pretimes -/10
Speeds 5/10
Content 5/10
Community 5/10
Overall 5/10
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