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Who Selina Kyle's Father Is In Batman Comics

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The Batman confirms the identity of Selina Kyle’s father, but who is her in DC Comics? Selina (aka, Catwoman) joined Batman in his crusade to solve the mystery behind the string of murders committed by The Riddler. In a bid to save her friend, however, Selina winds up confronting her own past in more ways than one.

After a run-in with Carmine Falcone at the Iceberg Club, Zoë Kravitz's Selina Kyle later reveals to Bruce Wayne that the mob boss is her biological father. Her mother Maria, who died when Selina was still a child, was a waitress at Falcone’s club before she was killed by him. A big part of Catwoman’s arc in The Batman was getting revenge on Falcone for what he did to her mother, as well as for neglecting her existence and not taking responsibility for her as her father despite the fact he seemed to know the truth. Falcone is a vicious man who only cared about power and Selina wanted him to pay for his crimes against not only her mom, but her friend Annika, whom he also had killed. The Batman cleared up the mystery of Catwoman’s father, but the comics offer different takes on her history.

Catwoman has had various origins in the comics. During DC’s New 52 relaunch in 2011, Selina is presumably born to Brian, a drunk, and Maria Kyle, but she later learns she is the biological daughter of Rex Calabrese, a Gotham City crime boss. In DC’s Rebirth era (which began in 2016), Brian Kyle maintains his status as Selina’s father. However, in 1999’s Batman: Dark Victory, Catwoman believes Carmine Falcone is her biological father. While she never obtains proof that she is Falcone’s daughter, Catwoman once again explores this connection in 2004’s Catwoman: When in Rome. She flies to Italy to investigate the mystery of her biological parents and it’s revealed that Louisa, Falcone’s wife, may have had a second daughter who was given up for adoption. It seemingly cinches the idea that Selina Kyle is, in fact, Falcone’s daughter, but the comic ends with no definitive proof regarding the information she uncovered.

Despite the changing identities of Catwoman’s father, the comics do establish Selina as having been raised primarily in orphanages and foster homes as a child. Considering The Batman draws some of its influence from 1996’s Batman: The Long Halloween, it’s no surprise the film leans heavily into Catwoman being Falcone’s daughter. After all, Batman: Dark Victory is a sequel comic to The Long Halloween, so it makes sense within the context of the story and Selina's continued arc.

Live-action adaptations can give voice to that which remains a mystery in the comics or has been changed depending on DC’s era and storyline shifts. In The Batman, Carmine Falcone being Catwoman’s biological father is definitive. Selina never wanted to take over his crime business, but she did want justice for the crimes he committed and the hardships in her life that occurred as a result. Now that Falcone is dead following the events of The Batman, Catwoman will likely have a new purpose in a sequel to the film.

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