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Dear Users!

We would like to draw your attention to some important information about using the site.

Unfortunately, we still receive a lot of inquiries from you because you use an e-mail address that is not working, no longer exists or is unreliable (eg citromail.hu, freemail.hu). We will do our best to help you in all such cases, but we would like to draw your attention again to the fact that using a broken e-mail address risks losing your user account permanently!

We therefore urge everyone to check in the Settings menu that you are using an email address where you can log in and receive the emails we send you! If not, you can update your email address.

Recently, many of you have also indicated to us that unknown individuals are abusing the nCore name to sell Premium Subscriptions on various websites and social sites. Several people approached us after falling victim to the scam. For this reason, we would like to draw everyone's attention to the fact that the purchase of nCore Premium is only possible from our Premium partner, starting from the Premium menu of the ncore.pro website ! Subscriptions to other sites do not reach us, so we are not able to credit you for a Premium membership.

By subscribing to the Premium membership and purchasing points, you are contributing to the running costs of nCore, which we thank you for by providing various benefits and exemptions (e.g., discounted invitation, no advertising, no activity requirement).

Thank you for your past and future support and activity!

The nCore Staff
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