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After the revision of Lemon in mid-2020, for the development of the site and the quality of resources, Lemon has prohibited the release of unofficial diversity in some sections, including but not limited to drama variety, music (music variety), animation, and documentaries. At the same time, in order to ensure that some of the reprinted excellent diversity resources are continuously updated, in the case of confirming with the publisher that they can keep up with updates, a [management license] will be granted to a small number of resources, allowing excellent diversity resources to be retained until the end of the season.
The above provisions are actually written clearly at the top of the release page, but people rarely notice it when it is released, and there will be some new users who don't know it yet, so we explain it again here.

Diversity content is limited to official releases, and unofficial releases are only allowed for single season packages. Repeated violations without correction may receive a warning or even a BAN number.

For a more detailed explanation, please read the post in the announcement area of the station: Announcement on Prohibition of Publishing Diversity Resources and Management of Franchise
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