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Help Support Ukraine & Get Free Ratio On Site

As you know, we usually stay away from politics here.

However in light of the recent conflict in Ukraine, we've decided to make an exception.

That's why until further notice all members who make a donation to one or more Ukrainian charities aiding those directly affected by Russia's invasion will receive free upload ratio as follows:

Donate 5 euro or more: 10 GB upload
Donate 120 euro or more: 200 GB upload

That way even if each of us gives just a little, it'll really help the Ukrainian people.

List of charities to consider donating to:

Voices of Children

Razom for Ukraine

United Help Ukraine

Emergency Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

Revived Soldiers Ukraine

Ukrainian Red Cross

Fundraiser For Sunflower of Peace

Or any other Ukrainian charity listed here: https://ukrainewar.carrd.co/

If there is a charity you'd like to donate which isn't on this list, please send a Staff PM and ask us about it.

How to Get Ratio Credit After Donating:

Once you've picked a charity and sent your donation, all you have to do is. . .

1. Take a full page screenshot (meaning date and time visible with nothing edited) of the thank you or confirmation page presented. If the thank you page has your name or personal information visible, you may blur it out or remove it.

2. Upload the image to imgur or another image sharing site. You may delete the image after a few days if you like.

3. Send staff a message containing the url link via the Contact Staff button you see at the top right of this page.

4. Note: We are running this on all sister sites, one donation can be claimed on only one .click site of your choice

Please note it may take 24 hours for your donation credit to be added to your account.

Thank you.

~TCG Staff
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