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Jackass Forever Final Trailer Puts The Crew In Grave Danger Once Again


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Back together, at last, the Jackass crew make their raucous return in the brand new trailer for their eagerly awaited latest film, Jackass Forever. Braving ludicrous stunts that only this bunch could dream up, the new movie promises a return to the mayhem last seen on screens over ten years back when Jackass 3D hit cinemas, with hijinks ranging from the absurd to the downright dangerous, in what may be the series' curtain call. Originally expected to debut in fall 2021, covid delays pushed back the film's release to February 4th but haven't dulled anticipation for the series' frantic comeback.

The long-running stunt-filled comedy has been entertaining fans and shocking onlookers since 2000 when MTV first broadcast Jackass, the TV series, launching the careers of the young main cast into the stratosphere in the process. The show spawned three feature films from 2002 to 2010, along with countless knock-offs around the world when would-be backyard stunt performers saw the blazing success of the troupe and turned cameras on themselves against the advice of the now-famous Jackass warning label. But following a long hiatus, the original Jackass gang reunites on screen for what could be the final time, with Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, and Danger Ehren putting their bodies on the line for the fourth time in the film franchise. At the same time, new faces, in Sean McInerney, Jasper Dolphin, Zach Holmes, Eric Manaka, and Rachel Wolfson, step into the chaos for their first appearances in the iconic series.

The new trailer opens with a montage of the menacing apparatus of several machines set up for future stunts builds up to Johnny Knoxville, flying through the air dressed in angel wings, fired from a giant cannon. A flurry of scenes anyone would fear follows, with a raging bull taking out Knoxville before an exploding toilet stuns Steve-O, and a rattlesnake latches onto the nose of another member of the cast. Finally, MMA heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou lines up a body blow on Danger Ehren before the trailer closes with a telling quote from a rattled Dave England saying, "It's got to be over, dude." before the last explosion sends the crew fleeing. Check out the trailer below:

The stunts in the trailer reveal a team that may be a little longer in the tooth and greyer up top but remain unchanged from the group that burst onto screens in 2000. With some old favorite stunts incorporated into the film, the slapping hand and the human cannonball, seen in previous entries making appearances once again, as well as new ideas developed in the ten-year absence of Jackass, Forever seems to aim to strike a nostalgic note as well draw in new fans. And while a host of celebrity guests join the Jackass regulars and new faces appear, the beloved core of the Jackass cast reuniting on-screen again will fill any long-time fan with nostalgia amid the chaotic comedy.

Knoxville and company aim to bow out in style before hanging up their crash helmets. With Steve-O and Knoxville speaking about retirement following the film's release, Jackass Forever can be seen as a last hurrah for a group of friends bound together by the twenty years of thrill-seeking. And fans can expect the crew to set a new benchmark with this film, as it has never been in the Jackass DNA to exit the stage quietly.
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