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For those of you using Utorrent 3.5.5 you will notice that as from today your client no longer works and in the tracker tab will be a notice informing you that the client is banned and to check the homepage for approved clients.

Below is the information from the homepage. The approved clients are clickable download links.

For those downgrading simply closes your client, make sure it is fully closed, check your taskbar near the clock and if the Utorrent icon is still there, right click and select exit.

When you install the approved version of Utorrent everything should run automatically and inform you that a newer version is installed do you wish to continue. Select yes and if you are prompted for a default download location ensure its the same location as all your torrents you were seeding. The approved version will then pickup on all your torrents and begin to seed them with the approved version.

Any issues, please see this thread https://tc-boxing.com/forums.php?act...p415222#415222

Short list of what clients are approved so that if you were using any of the banned clients you have a few options below. NOTE: Just because its not in the list at the moment doesn't mean its not approved, just don't go using some funky client that's going to cause you to be flagged as a cheater and please don't use mobile phone clients.

BitTorrent 6.0
Deluge 1.3.1
Deluge 1.3.5
Deluge 1.3.6
Deluge 1.3.11
rTorrent 0.8.1 > 0.9.2
qBittorrent (both Pc and Mac)
Transmission 2.03
uTorrent 1.6.1 Build 490
uTorrent 1.8.7 Build 43796 MAC
uTorrent 2.2.0 Build 23071
uTorrent 2.2.1 Build 25154
uTorrent 3.2.2 Build 28500

The following clients are now banned from the tracker.

ACEStream (all versions)
AzTorrent (all versions)
BiglyBT (all versions)
BitComet (all versions)
BitLord (all versions)
FDM (all versions)
Freebox BitTorrent (all versions)
Folx (all versions)
Go-http-client (all versions)
KTorrent (all versions)
MediaGet2 (all versions)
Torrex (all versions)
uTorrent 3.5.5 (all versions)
All mobile clients

If you are found using any of these clients your download rights will be revoked immediately.
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