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For almost 2 years, I have bared the cost to keep PJs online and serving up torrents.
I had hoped that over time, running PJs, that members would leech and seed and we could build a friendly, ratio based site, without all the issues found on other sites. Unfortunately, that just did not happen.

With the rising costs and the lack of onsite participation, I simply can not afford the few thousand dollars a month it takes to keep her open any longer, and have decided to close down instead of begging for donations.

The site that provides all the content for PeerJunkies has offered to take members that may need a new home, or just looking for a source site without the hassle of account upkeep. You do not have to go there but I wanted to leave those who would like a extremely private, secure and invite-only tracker, a place to call home.

These guys have been around for over 7 years and in total, over 20 years servicing the torrenting community. They are offering 10 days of unlimited site/tracker access to check things out for yourself, and will honor all VIP donations made in the past 90 days; to be converted to membership time.

Their format model is simple and entirely membership based, not ratio based. UP-keeping your account will never be a problem.

Standard pricing is normally $15 a month and the same pricing as any online service, but have agreed to a 1 year price-lock guarantee of only $10 a month just for PJs.

Special offers can even bring a membership down to $5 a month in many cases!
You have nothing to loose by signing up and checking things out for yourself.

Here are some details on what they can offer you:

Blazing fast preBots * No ratio requirement * No seeding requirement

Dedicated 4K Categories * Open request forum that delivers * 20K TV packs with dedicated uploaders

300k active torrents * A quarter of a million peers * Knowledgeable staffing * Dedicated support

...and much much more

With over 1.2 million torrents posted in 7 years and over 20 years of servicing the torrenting community,
you can be reassured that GP will deliver the content and the support you need most!"

Oof, that sucks.
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