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The website code upgrade is completed, if there is any problem (seeding, magic, points, etc.), please PM for management, thank you! !
After the website is upgraded, some instructions are as follows:
1. Enable new check-in.
Sign in for the first time to get 10 mana.
Each consecutive check-in grants an additional 5 mana, up to a cap of 300.
Check in for the 10th day in a row and get an extra 100 mana.
Check in for the 20th day in a row and get an extra 300 mana.
Check in for the 30th day in a row and get an additional 666 mana.

2. HR and seed claim have been updated. For details, please refer to the website rules
. Whether the seed preservation time is up to the standard after downloading the seeds, there will be a message on the site.
Quick way to claim seeds: Personal page "click to open the current seeding" click to claim.

3. Update of account retention rules:
1. Extreme User and above users will be retained forever;
2. Veteran User and above users will not be banned after sealing their accounts (in the control panel);
3. Users who have sealed accounts for 300 consecutive days If you do not log in, your account will be banned;
4. Users who do not log in for 150 consecutive days will be banned;
5. Users who have no traffic (that is, upload/download data are both 0) will be banned if they do not log in for 30 consecutive days.
6. If the banned account does not log in for 365 consecutive days, it will be physically deleted from the database.

4. The official seed bonus (0.2) and the harem bonus (0.1) have been added to the magic power of seeding.

The website will be maintained on 2022.11.02, and the code will be upgraded. It will not be accessible at that time, so it will be a red seed. (Upgrade maintenance completed...)
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