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Exactly one month after XWT's Anniversary, we have now launched Xtreme Bytes!

We want XB to be your go-to tracker for anything other than wrestling. This includes Movies, TV Shows, Games, Music, Apps (and XXX :-O). You will also notice that Xtreme Bytes has a very similar look and feel to XWT and this has been done on purpose. We wanted to create general tracker which is a true sister site to XWT and XWT-Classics. Some more details about the site launch are below:

- Xtreme Bytes is FREE LEECH until further notice - It will remain free leech until we have an active torrent library and community.
- Torrent Surf is now retired. ALL user accounts and torrents have been imported to Xtreme Bytes.
- Registrations are currently open, so join soon. XB will go invite-only in the future.
- We are looking for dedicated uploaders to join our team, get in touch if you are interested.
- We are also looking for members to join our Staff team, we will only consider long standing members from XWT.

There will most likely be some bugs which will need to be fixed a long the way, if you find any please let us know in our Forums or Chat on XB.


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