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Dear Users!

Thanks to your help, the zombie and witch armies hit an unprecedented wall and were forced to retreat, which is why this year's SpOoKy DaYz has come to an end.

In protecting nCore, 127,648 users helped Staff, who together managed to protect the site from 1,225,689 ghosts , cats and other demonic creatures. The army of witches and ghosts attacked our servers no less than 936 times, and thanks to their help, they successfully overcome the obstacle.

Congratulations eva0408 , Tankcsapda007 , micike and Voorhees1988to our users who tied for the most figures.
The second user with the most pumpkins was prldm . Just behind them is the third-placed zgabi .

Next time, do not go anywhere far from your home, as we suspect that they will try to occupy our fortress again!
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