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One of the staff maintenance tasks is to delete torrents from the tracker that have zero seeds. This can result in thousands of old torrents removed over a yearly period. We do use a bit of common sense though, clearly shows deemed as "desirable to have" we will take steps to get them resurrected if possible. So, we primarily concentrate on single episodes of old long forgotten sporting events and possibly some old reality and entertainment type shows.

Out of those categories, if you feel there's anything that you would not want to see removed, we ask that it is up to you members to ensure such are continued to be seeded.

In addition we have many TV series that are going in and out of being seeded and so it really would be nice if any of you could permanently "adopt" some of these (basically download them and keep them seeded indefinitely) before they disappear forever. You can select which you'd like to do. Just Filter for "Dead Torrent" along with SD Pack and/or HD720p Pack and/or HD1080p Pack and select the ones that you want to do. You really would be doing the site a big favour.

TVC Staff
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