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Happy birthday PT! 18 years together!

On this occasion we are giving 18 days of free leech to every user

Today we are fully switching to the new graphical interface, which has many more capabilities than the old one, more info on this topic in the previous news. Today we have additionally added a new feature - New titles , available in the Torrents menu, where you will find new movies / series which were added last week, in addition, the ability to search torrents based on their rating on IMDB (in advanced search options on the torrent list). Lottery is ON! A special subpage has been made available, where everyone can try their luck. Each of you will receive one ticket which will entitle you to enter the prize draw. Users donating to the site will be able to increase the number of tickets (and thus the number of prizes). Each PLN 10 donation (made between October 30 00:00 - November 7 23:59) is an additional special ticket and increased chance modifier ! This means that, for example, if you have 5 special tickets, you will draw 5 prizes and with each drawing the chance modifier is increased 5 times! In short, this means that special tickets not only give you more prizes, but also increase the odds of each one (the more tickets, the more likely you are to win the best prizes). Users with special tickets will draw from a special prize pool. Tickets can be used until November 7 at 23:59.

Base Prize Pool (sorted by the prizes with the highest chance of winning):
+5 GB of upload.
+10 GB of upload
+3 reputation
+5 reputation
+1 month Free Leech
+1 month VIP class
+100 GB of upload

Special prize pool (special tickets required, sorted by prizes with the highest chance of winning):
+25 GB of upload
+50 GB of upload
+250 GB of upload
+500 GB of upload
+3 months VIP class + Free Leech
+ 6 months VIP class + Free Leech
+1000 GB (1 TB) of upload
+12 months VIP class + Free Leech
+5,000 GB (5 TB) of upload
+36 months VIP class + Free Leech

Best Regards! PT Crew
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