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Halloween pumpkin picture game 2022
The picture illustration We are organizing a picture uploading competition for the Halloween holiday. All Halloween pictures that refer to the holiday can be submitted to the competition. It can be a homemade pumpkin or a holiday picture. The only condition is that the name of our site must be written/edited on the image - Best-Core. The size and quality of the image does not matter, it is not defined. Submitting images: Upload the images to one of the image uploading sites (e.g.: https://kephost.net/index.php ) and copy the best-core News link that you can find on the Forum you can insert it by clicking on Comment. Save me.
But make sure it's clear and visible,
because it will count when you vote.

Everyone can enter with one picture,
if several pictures are submitted, the first picture will be entered into the competition,
the others will be deleted.
The submitted image can be modified until the submission deadline. The image is an illustration Submission deadline: 03.11.2022. 24:00 You will be able to vote for the submitted pictures on the main page as soon as the submission deadline has closed. The submitted pictures will also be available for viewing in the News! Image illustration Prizes: 1st place: 45000 BP 2nd place: 35000 BP 3rd place: 25000 BP All submitters (except winners)

You get 15000 BP for playing the game. Anyone who uploads a picture of a hand-carved pumpkin in accordance with the rules

will receive a special award . Special Prize: 55000 BP Important! When uploading self-made pumpkin pictures, write: 'Self-made'. Good game everyone.

We reserve the right to make changes.
for help or questions .

Management of Best-Core
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