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Leeching/sticking, recall...

A little message for everyone, in view of the resurgence of cases that have been brought to our attention..

"Leeching", or "Collage", or whatever name you give it, that is to say the fact that as soon as a torrent is posted, some come, sometimes armed with good intentions, to share their data collected elsewhere, is strictly PROHIBITED. Please respect the work of the uploaders, who make the prez, the .torrent, sometimes the nfo if it doesn't exist.

On the other hand, coming to re-seeder a torrent without sources (dead), or whose information from leechers (comments) indicates that the remaining sources are very weak, or the indications of the uploader which indicates for example not to seed at night, is authorized.

This rule is intended to protect posts - and in particular news - during their first days of life, torrents older than 14 days are no longer subject to this rule, so wait for this duration if you want to share your data taken elsewhere .

We are not chasing this practice, it is up to the posters to go up if this is the case, on the other hand we will enforce the rule! Some uploaders are not immune to having leeching, see encourage it, we will do nothing if a complaint is not raised by contact staff; So ask the poster, or directly in private message with them, or if the post is anonymous, via a kind and polite comment on the post to ask, please do not go through the staff for this process.

In the event of detection and reporting of a case of leeching, we analyze the statistics, we send a message to the leecher, if no response or reaction within the following hours, the rights to upload and download may be cut off. to restore the situation.

Thank you for your attention

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