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If you are using a seedbox specifically from the Netherlands or are a user from this country. We have added protection which means, a CAPTCHA will show up if you are trying to connect from that country.

This means, you will need to access the site from your seedbox, complete the CAPTCHA to prove you are not a bot, and then you will be granted access and can then download via your seedbox.

This has been a last resort. We have been getting hammered by requests from bots based within the Netherlands, which is why this site has basically stopped loading most of today. Our only choice was to force a CAPTCHA challenge for any users coming from that country.

So for now, while we try to mitigate this bot attack. Any member who wants their seedbox IP address from the Netherlands to be whitelisted. Send me a PM and I will add it to our whitelist as soon as i am able to.
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