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Welcome To This Months Newsletter

Reminder, BS 18 year FL has finished

FL event schedule

So we hope you all enjoyed and took advantage of our Birthday FL and the free FLTs.

This month we will be adding some small changes to the Wiki, please check it out over the next week.

Also welcome to any new members, please take your time to read the Rules/Wiki. Any questions just ask.

New Competitions Coming Soon...

Please watch out for the*September Newsletter, as we have a Rollover from our previous competition, as nobody claimed the prize in the correct time frame

Previous -Win a Synology DiskStation DS218 competition: March 2022

We are also going to be running our "Win a LS 5 Gift Card" (Little Snitch) competition at the same time. This offers a chance to win a free LS 5 license.*

Previous-Win a LS 5 Gift Card competition

Set September 1st as a must watch date

Monterey OS

Wondering if something is working on Monterey OS?*Check this topic for submissions.*
Feel free to add to the list, and share your info with the community.

Caution About V2 BitTorrent Files

Avoid creating V2 torrent files with your torrent clients that offer this support. Transmission currently does not support V2 torrent files and will produce an invalid error instead. Transmission is also currently the most widely used client on here. Any reported V2 torrents will be deleted simply because the majority will not be supported.

Passwords heading towards 2 years old

This is a timely reminder, that there are now many members who's Passwords are approaching the 2 year mark. Any member with a Password over 2 years old will have restrictions placed on their account immediately.

Staff Picks

Apps of the month:


Instantly access context-specific actions from your mouse, including copy and paste, plus 100 free extensions.


Things is the award-winning personal task manager that helps you achieve your goals.

Game of the month:

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II

Another great RPG in the Baldur's Gate franchise with great visuals. It is also compatible with Mojave OS too!

Board Updates, Changes and Reminders Briefly;

The main rules page cannot be edited currently and all*new rules or changes are listed in the BrokenStones Wiki here

Requests have 3 mandatory requirements

Passwords over 2+ years old need to be updated

What are Freekeech Tokens and how to use them?
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