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Client Whitelist Changes

Many users are using very outdated clients on the site. As these clients get older they lack more, and more features that have been added to Bittorrent over the years. For example, uTorrent versions older than 3.x do not support piece sizes larger than 16MB.

The best client now days is qBittorrent, which supports all the major operating systems. In the coming weeks we will begin to remove some of these older clients from the whitelist, starting with the following:

Azureus/Vuze (all versions)
uTorrent 1.x
Transmission 1.x
BitTornado (all versions hlhlde)
Deluge 1.x
BitTorrent mainline (all versions)
kTorrent (all versions)

You can find more info about the whitelisted clients in the wiki

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