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2022.08.06 - Overhead Promotion Rules
Spend a certain amount of magic power to promote the seed to the top, and reward the magic power to attract users to speed up, which is higher than the system's top level.

When there are multiple seeds for top promotion, users can add bidding magic power, and the higher the bidding magic power, the higher the ranking.

The total mana consumption consists of placeholder mana, bidding mana, and reward mana. The placeholder magic is the product of base, hours, and coefficients.

The coefficient is to use the magic formula of the system to calculate the current time magic of the current seed. Therefore, the larger the seed volume, the longer the release time, and the smaller the number of seeders, the larger the coefficient, that is, the higher the cost of promotion.

Mana consumption calculation:
After purchasing the top promotion, it will be displayed at the top of the seed list (higher than one level top), with a special icon in front, and if there is bonus mana, it will also be displayed behind the title.

In addition, on the details page, the top promotion information will also be added before the introduction. Users can view the number of participants, and display the ranking and estimated revenue in real time.


The duration, bidding magic power, reward magic power, and the number of people rewarded can all be added by the sponsor at any time before the end. If the time is up, the initiator does not complete the download, and the magic will not return. After all, the public resources are occupied, and the participants have already paid. After the end, the top ones with the most uploads will share the reward magic power in proportion to the uploads, and there will be a message in the station.
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