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2022.07.31 - Registration open from August 1st to August 4th (with recruitment information)
This is the third time that registration has been opened for half a year after the official launch of the site. In the short term, registration will not be opened again. In the later stage, it will be content. I intend to get the official team first, because it is positioned as a Korean resource and educational resource. Resources are more difficult to obtain, there must be recording, or capture, and subtitles group, so the official group can not be established, all members of the management group are waiting for you to join!

Remarks: Please cherish your account, the used mailbox cannot be unblocked and used again (everyone understands it) In addition, please be sure to save the Passkey login link. After the betting is opened, visitors are prohibited from visiting. If you do not have this link, you will be Unable to access this site (this link will be changed after changing the passkey, please be familiar with it) The

recruitment is as follows:

1. Korean resource officer team members (requires own recording equipment, or will capture Korean website resources)

2. Recruit members of the official subtitle team of this

site3 .Recruit website UI artists [with experience in other sites] and website technical



Once recruited, they can become members of the official group of this site. They are the first batch of veterans who started the site. There are monthly rewards such as magic and invitations. Those who perform well can improve management. At the same time, if you have friends who want to join the official group of this station, but have not entered the station, you can directly join the recruitment QQ group. Please explain your intention and issue an invitation.

Recruitment QQ group: 119393709 Note: Please explain your purpose, otherwise it will not be approved, thank you! You Are the One!
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