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From September 1st, the requirements for each mana exchange will become higher

In the past few months, I have informed you many times: try to convert the magic value into the upload volume, and the original plan to increase the exchange magic value requirements from August 8th [if the current 5000 magic value can be exchanged for 1 invitation, it will take 20000 later. Magic value exchange for an invitation], considering that there are still many friends who are still unclear or have just entered the station, do not know this information, try to make this information accessible to everyone when opening the site, so it is postponed to September 1, 2022 It will be implemented after 2:00 in the morning.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*. *.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*Try to convert the magic value into [Upload amount], [Supplementary signature card], [Number of invitations
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