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2022-08-01 - Uploading - seeding and setting categories
Hi CoreClubbers!

The staff here at DigitalCoreClub are happy to see how enthusiastically the new DCC uploading system has been received - it has increased the level of participation and diversity of the torrents available to DCC users as much as the staff had hoped!

There are a couple of recurring issues, though, and we need your help for this initiative to be a complete success:

- Categories: please set the proper category (e.g. Movies 1080p) for you torrents. Not setting a category will, by default, cause your torrent to end in the "Other" category and that is basically torrent purgatory. Members that repeatedly miss setting the correct category will have their uploading privileges revoked.

- Seeding uploads: this should be obvious, but you must start seeding your torrent for it to be visible on the torrent pages and for people to download your torrent files. We have had, inexplicably, 6-10 unseeded torrents uploaded every day and we have no choice but to delete them from the system when this occurs.

Questions? Please see our uploading tutorial at https://digitalcore.club/forum/17/to...-for-beginners or reach out to the staff.

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