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Summer is here!

While summer is in full swing and France is under an exceptional heat wave, what better time to give you some refreshing news.
First of all, for personal reasons, I have not been able to be present since mid-May as much as I had been in the previous months. I reorganized myself and I will be able to take over the head of the moderation team at the beginning of August. A thousand thanks to @Jeanjean1941 who still ensures as much as ever, as well as to all the staff who lead the boat ever further.
Many teams have settled down here, whether exclusively or in parallel with other trackers, thank you very much to them for trusting and providing us with very fresh releases 😉

Regarding the future:
I allow myself to give you a little reminder about donations, several months ago the devs added the possibility of giving via PayPal thanks to members who go through PayPal -> BTC. We need intermediaries to make the site live!
Looks like LocalBitcoin's fees are 0% until August 31st, wouldn't this be a good time to take the plunge?
Archiving and reseed works fine again, but not everything can be archived (especially depending on naming and presence of files other than video/game/book... and nfo). This is more of a backup and uploaders and uploaders are responsible for seeding long enough. Thank you for respecting the sharing rules of a community like ours 🙏🏻 🙏🏼 🙏🏽 🙏🏾 🙏🏿
Finally, a few reminders:
Sharing = respect. Thank you for respecting the other members, their work, their opinions, their person. We are here to exchange good humor and releases, in this context political, religious or controversial discussions have no place on ABN. Comments that do not correspond to the rules of good manners of the site will be systematically deleted and sanctioned. The decisions of the staff must also be respected, there is a time for discussion, but when it is finished we apply what has been decided!
If you have releases on your hard drives but not from ABN, share them with as many people as possible! If you need help with your first uploads the staff and other members will be happy to help you.
And a small announcement: we launched a big deletion of unseeded and unarchived torrents. The forum topic here: https://abn.lol/Forum/Topic/2850 . A bounty of 80Go will be offered for each erased release that would be uploaded! For that it's simple: either you comment on the topic by putting the name and the link of the reuploaded release, or you report the torrent with the reason "Old torrent reuploaded" if you do not want to publicly show that you are the one upload.
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