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2022-07-14 - Announcing DigitalCoreClub's new uploading system!
Hi CoreClubbers -

The DCC staff is very pleased to announce our new uploading system! We have 'silently launched' this system to "stress-test" it with internal test accounts and a handful of intrepid members that have stumbled on it by accident, and we believe that it is robust enough to roll-out to all of our members.

The way it works is simple - all members can now upload to DCC! Some long-term and highly-trusted members will continue to have unrestricted upload privileges, while all others users will have their uploads reviewed and approved by staff prior to being added to the tracker. This should be relatively transparent to DCC users, with the delay between your upload and staff approval being the only telltale.

It is important that all users wishing to upload to DCC read, understand and follow the uploading rules and best practices published in the DCC forums, the Rules and the FAQ.

Here are several of the most important rules as a reminder:
- All uploads must have the correct category (such as Movies 1080p) specified
- TV and Movie media must, whenever possible, have a link to the correct IMDB link inserted into the IMDB info field on the Upload form
- Do not upload, or attempt to upload, unauthorized material such as under-age porn, torture porn, scenes of actual death or anything else that violates DCC permitted material rules.

Please read this tutorial, which goes into the rules and best practices in more detail:

And don't forget that you can always reach out to the staff by using the "Staff PM" button at the top of most DCC pages or chat with us on IRC.

Happy uploading!

Read more in the forums »
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