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New UI ready for testing, downloading new torrents only using SSL

The SSL tracker opti* * *****on in the settings has been disabled, it is no longer possible to download new torrents using the tracker without encryption . By the end of the month HTTP tracker will be shut down completely and only HTTPS will be supported. Some old Bittorrent clients or operating systems do not support new SSL certificates, in which case you will need to update or use one of the forum solutions (there are active threads for this change there). In some clients, the change from http to https tracker is very simple, eg in rtorrent it is enough to select torrents from PT, in which we want to change the tracker, then " Edit torrent .."and change from http to https. People who have had SSL Tracker turned on in their settings do not need to do anything.

The new user interface is in the RC version (release candidate), so we encourage you to test and where possible, switch to it permanently to get used to it, for the next several dozen days we will be collecting feedback from you about the functioning of the new UI. After collecting all your comments and possible changes, the new UI will replace the default interface.

The new interface is available at this address: [REDACTED]
We tried not to mess too much in the interface, it's supposed to be an evolution, not a revolution. A lot of things have been improved, almost every table can be sorted by different columns, and you can also search in them, added new options in torrent details etc. Let us know what you think.

July 10 , 2022
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