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Hey guys,
With a heavy heart, we are this point again. The last few days we've seen another rise in virus infected "Games" uploaded to the site. We are discussing whether to take further action (which would likely be the end of the games category), but for the moment we just want to let you know that it does happen, and while staff try to be vigilant, we can't be everywhere at once.

Think twice with odd looking Games torrents. Above all, do not open .exe files without being certain they are risk free - make sure your antivirus software is up to date.

Be safe out there, make sure your online security is up to date and don't click suspicious links. In times like this I recall the age old advice my grandpa gave me once; "when in doubt - DON'T!"

See this forum thread for discussion: Viruses uploaded in the Games category

on behalf of Pornbay staff
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