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@members While our uploader API is still shiny and new we're complementing it by publishing our search API!

Using your API Token found in (Settings) you can now search for torrents across any item found in the torrent name as well as media reference ID.

Currently the fields supported are: api_key (required) filter media_ref (imdb w/tt or steamID)

You don't need fancy tools or even Postman to try this out for yourself, simply visit our API with your web browser. I would suggest using Firefox because of its awesome JSON formatting support.

Example search by Name: https://swarmazon.club/api/search.ph...er=WHATYOUSEEK

Example search by Media Referance: https://swarmazon.club/api/search.ph...=IMDBorSTEAMID

You can also get fancy and combine filter & media_ref if needed. Search results will be returned in JSON key pairs which include name, ref_id, upload_timestamp, hash, and download link.

A very special thank you is owned to @G************* for sharing his knowledge with us. These two APIs will soon bring GG-BOT support and improved L4G support. In time category and type searches will be added which will improve our Jackett support as well. Happy Friday all and I'll hope to see you in the swarm!
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