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Open: STT - SkipTheTrailers | Movies

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Tracker's Name: STT - SkipTheTrailers
Genre: Movies
Sign-up Link: https://skipthetrailers.xyz/application
Closing date: 1-2 Weeks (Not determined)
Additional information: STT - SkipTheTrailers is a new MOVIE ONLY tracker created in March 2022

We are a sister site to STC - SkipTheCommericals (TV ONLY)

A small community with the potential to grow into something more..

We are opening the tracker up to application signups ONLY for a Limited time

Apply here... https://skipthetrailers.xyz/application

2 proofs required, minimum 3 months member per proof, and a positive ratio, the proof must have all your information visible and proper link to your profile until the application has been looked at.

We have 3 internal groups FooKaS, PR0WL3R and SP24

Freeleech & Double upload set indefinitely (3months) as the tracker grows

STT uses the default UNIT3D tracker code

At the present time there are currently..
>> 82 Members
>> 6045 Movie Torrents (5933 HD Movies, 112 SD Movies)
>> 7493 Seeders, 7510 Peers, 17 Leechers
>> 65TB Seed Size and growing daily

This is our first recruitment thread and hopefully many more to come, looking forward to seeing all of you there, cheers and have a great weekend!!
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