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Pre-Pixelated Movement

Right now this is Schrödinger's tracker, it is, and it is not Pixelated.

Due to the fact that the Pixelados roadmap itself cannot be finalized yet but it is foreseeable that it will take a considerable time, it has been decided that, until Pixelados is launched, combine both trackers in HD-Spain and rename it Pixelados.

We have seen that this movement is necessary mainly because the duplication of efforts involved in making joint increases in both trackers is not acceptable. In this way, the uploads will be made in one go as well as starting now to join the accounts of both trackers.
To do this, member accounts have simply been generated starting from the nickname and email in HD-City without carrying any more data. This is not a major problem since due to the merger it was decided to maintain a general freeleech, so that the ratio will not be a problem. As we see, possible problems will be polished and if it is necessary to migrate more account data.

Clarify a couple of important things; On the one hand, those who have generated an account and already have one in HD-Spain, it is recommended that you report it in such a way that it cannot cause the ban of both accounts; on the other hand, although a large number of accounts have been migrated, it will still be necessary to carry some more, so if you know someone who has not received their access, it is not that they will be left out.

Finish by stating that if anyone does not want to be part of this joint project, they only have to communicate it and without problem the account will be deleted and a hash of the email will be saved, making it impossible to subsequently create a record with said email. We understand that this situation will be very exceptional cases, since both HD-Spain and HD-City will cease to be active in favor of Pixelados and the initial access to it will be through the migration of the accounts found here.

The Pixelados Staff
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