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Happy 5th anniversary to Secret Cinema (the most recent incarnation)

Can you believe it has been five years since we resurrected Secret Cinema from the ashes of the old Secret Cinema? The wonderful trip of non-mainstream cinema continues as we discover fantastic new films that have been forgotten for flown under the radar. We continue to build a cohesive community capable of sustaining a collective digital archive of rare, unusual, classic, and fringe culture artifacts. As a community, we share a wide variety of cultural touchstones with each other both for relaxation and for greater contextual understanding of the rarities we value highest. In plain language, our main goal is to collect and preserve weird stuff, and if we do technically violate a copyright now and then it's because on the side we're doing what people in every community do: hanging out together and watching movies.

So here is the challenge: Add your favorite films with memorable anniversary and birthday scenes to the SC five year collage. Go here to add a film and say a few words about the film and about what SC means to you. We'd love to hear from you the member since you are why we are still here doing this every day.
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