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Brothers of Usenet Review | 2022


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Brothers of Usenet is an established NZB site catering mostly to German users.

Brothers-of-Usenet.net - is the most popular German forum and NZB indexer site, long recognized for at the NZB community. This resource is closed; it is possible to check in only by invitation. Recently Brothers of Usenet invites has been opened very seldom, that is why it was nearly impossible to create your NZB account. There is a special option on our service, it is possible to buy a found account and quickly get an access to NZB files. This forum serving mainly German users generates every day hundreds pages of reviews with some thousands unique visitors per month. Although, the interface language is German, a quantity of participants from other countries is constantly growing, people can easily use online translator.

The most valuable on NZB index is its plentiful content, which numbers hundreds thousands unique files. Users of the site are no need for torrents seeding as it is customary on private trackers. An interested person gets a direct reference for downloading a file. The section of computer games allows getting easily every account, nearly like on Gazellegames torrent tracker. There is a general quantity of topics, discussions and participants on the main page of the site. By the way, there is useful information for those, who wants to get an invite to NZB index. The administration often opens invites for holidays and, if you bustle on time, you can become a happy owner of an invite.

The database of NZB files numbers thirty different categories, which are conveniently situated on different sections of the forum. This order makes a search quick and convenient. There is a list of the most popular sections that the NZB indexer offers. There is a large archives of films of different quality: SD, 720p, 1080p, Blu-Ray. There is a sport category, which has some enclosures – Football, Fighting, Motorsport and others. There is a so-called children territory where you can find and download cartoons, comics, anime, child films, educational and developing literature. There is even a large section for adults; it contains an impressive collection of NZB files of high-quality XXX videos.

They are a popular German forum where users exchange NZB files. Unfortunately, Brothers of Usenet has shuts their doors for new registrants in the second week of December 2019. There are speculations that they now want to focus only on German-speaking users to have a more manageable community of members.

Past issues have forced Brothers of Usenet to shut down in 2017 due to piracy investigations and they have been having technical issues with the backdrop system in 2020. However, it seems like everything is up and running seamlessly this past year with thousands of users still active on this nzb site.



  • Not open for new registrants
  • Privacy: SSL secured
  • Integration: undisclosed
  • Retention: undisclosed
  • Language: Dutch and English




Brothers of Usenet has a background and structure similar to other Usenet boards. It was not coincidental because it is a cooperation between other German-speaking Usenet boards to counteract the unwanted distribution of their content.

Terms and conditions, lists of codes, smilies, and cookie usage are posted on the front page of the website. It also has a preview of their latest number of discussions, messages, and members. Currently, the Brothers of Usenet have 35,931 members.

The languages available are English and Dutch.



NZB’s And Retention
The website does not disclose its retention to binary.



The forum software of Brothers of Usenet is created by XenForo Ltd.

The homepage of the website posts its total number of topics, discussions, and members. They also post the Terms of Use, Regulations, BB Codes, Smiles, and Cookie Usage to make their users informed with regards to their privacy policy.

As of this writing, the Christmas forum has been activated on their homepage and hopefully they will open their doors for the holidays.

The website is originally written in German, so you would either have translate via your browser or be able to read German. Additionally, the forum is protected via SSL connections.

Technical Details

The forum software of Brothers of Usenet is created by XenForo and other customized designers. It has a secured and private browsing technology regulated to its users and website as a whole.

The average response rate of Brothers of Usenet is 5457 milliseconds, with an uptime response of 99%. Brothers-Of-Usenet has servers in the United States, and its platform is powered by a Cloudflare web server.























Brothers of Usenet is one of the most popular German forums and indexing sites there is. While their board is online, registration is currently closed. They are generating hundreds of page views daily with several thousand unique visitors per month. Brothers of Usenet also ranks very well in Alexa, and almost 99.1% of their visitors are from Germany.

Unfortunately, most of the important information regarding this website is not publicly divulged. The site currently has no details on how many NZBs are available for download. We hope to see their website open its door soon.

Brothers of Usenet is one of the oldest and largest forums in German-speaking countries. Over time, they were experiencing technical problems that resulted from its self-shutdown with its other allied providers from the police raid last 2017.

Brothers of Usenet have loyal and supportive users, and it made the website an established entity. While it is close to registration at the moment, we hope the registration occurred in 2019 was not the last to board before the end of their term in 2023.


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