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NZB.cat Review | 2022


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Nzb.cat / NZBCat - is a dedicated NZB website. It is available to users only by invites. It has a huge database that contains more than a million indexed files. The files belong to a wide list of categories, such as movies, TV series, music, books, sports, HD videos, software for various devices, and much more. NZB.cat like most indexers, it is a very good alternative to private trackers. You don't need to create a rating or increase downloads on this site. And all sections and categories of data are available to users. It happens that it is much more profitable to buy an account on the NZB site and get access to a high-quality section of TV series than to wait for invitations to a private tracker to appear Broadcasthe.net. After all, this is extremely rare.

NZBCat indexes content on the Usenet network using automatic algorithms. Users can use the web interface to search and view specific NZBs. They can add Usenet downloads to any app. This allows users to get the content it links to. NZBCat has proven itself since 2014. It has become one of the most reliable NZB indexers in the Usenet community. Since the release, the site has not been disabled. It offers a good response rate. And the indexer runs every 15 minutes. This means that users can access the most recent files added to the database.

We can highlight some of the features inherent in this NZB indexer. Access to the site is by invitation only. There are more expensive invites with VIP membership. In addition, there are several levels of membership. A user can make a donation as a member to get VIP privileges. There are no annoying ads on NZBcat, which is a big plus. And binary files are stored for more than 600 days. Folders with files are available for participants and VIPs, new releases are available in all genres. There is also an internal forum and chat page. And there is an option for advanced search. All user files can be placed in their own folders, such as "My movies" and "My shows".



You can use the web-based front end to search and browse for a specific NZB. Once downloaded, you can add it to any number of Usenet download applications to get the content the NZB refers to. They recommend using SABnzbd and integrate it with NZBCat so they can directly send NZBs instead of users downloading them and then uploading them. You can also integrate NZBCat to Sonnarr, Sickrage and CouchPotato.

Invites and forums are also only open to paying members, but SSL encryption is available to any member registered regardless if you’re using a paid account or a free membership.

There is no retention information on the NZBCat website but upon research, we found that NZBCat has a retention of 500 days.

NZBCat has a nZEDb based interface which is easy to use and navigate. NZB downloads are categorized well and can either be downloaded right away, put on cart or sent to the queue.



NZBCat has an uptime average of 98% and an average response time of 141 milliseconds.

Use https://nzb.cat as the URL for API use.
























Although NZBCat is not an open use website and requires an invitation from current users, they occasionally offer free invites when you try to register. The site has a high number of NZBs, 1000 downloads and API calls for contributors and 5000 downloads and API calls for VIPs, which makes them a site worth joining.

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