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Open: : ReelFliX General | General

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Tracker's Name: Open: ReelFliX General
Genre: General
Sign-up Link: https://reelflix.xyz/
Closing date: _
Review's Link: ReelFLIX | RF | HD | 2021 Review
Additional information: As we prepare for our Grand Opening, ReelFliX is opening signups to the new tracker for 24 hours or 1000 members, whichever comes first!


ReelFliX is a new movie tracker but not new to the game. There has been a full database migration from LegacyHD, the home of the legendary LEGi0N release group. We are currently tracking 5066 movie torrents with 496 active members and 2955 peers. We are looking for uploaders, seeders, internals, torrent and chat mods, web designers/developers, and active community members to provide a place many will call HOME.

If you were previously a member of LegacyHD there may be a record of the account onsite. In this case, contact support in our discord for further assistance activating the account. https://discord.gg/ne7zHnux
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