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NZBFinder Review | 2022


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NZBFinder is a community-based NZB forum that is well-known as one of the top NZB sites in the Usenet industry.
NZBFinder indexes high-quality audio, video groups, SD release, books and other miscellaneous files. They are a community based NZB forum that has both free search and premium accounts.
Like other Usenet search engines, NZBFinder indexes Usenet content, and they specialize in providing high-quality and popular NZBs. Their free membership level allows you to search the site, but with limited features. Paid members get a lot more API hits and unlimited downloads.
NZBFinder is a Newznab based site which makes it easy to use for beginners and familiar to experienced users. They specialize in providing popular NZB files from high-quality audio, video groups, SD releases and books.

Recently, NZBFinder has made several updates on their user interface including the reduction of size of all their assests which makes their system load faster even on slower connections. Aside from this they’ve included a two-factor authentication feature to secure your account, dark mode feature, boxed or full width layout option and a responsive design which works for both iOS and Android.



  • Open NZB site
  • High-quality content
  • Multiple membership levels (Free & Paid Accounts)
  • Unlimited downloads for paying members
  • Spotweb for Elite Accounts
  • Retention–over 3600 days of binary
  • Continuously running indexer
  • Advanced search option
  • Newsgroup browsing
  • Popular downloads for premium accounts
  • RSS Feeds
  • Recommended Integration: Sonarr (TV), Radarr (Movies) and Lidarr
  • Privacy: SSL
  • Mobile Support
  • Updated interface




With their most recent updates, new features and fixes include:

  • New reporting panel for easier and faster report releases
  • Revamped movies page
  • Improved readability
  • Fixed movie genres bug
  • No longer supports Windows XP
  • Plugin, NZB Unity stopped working due to new interface. Plugin maybe updated manually if maintainer of NZBUnity has not yet pushed new version.


With NZBFinder, you only get high quality video and audio files. You get access to 500,000+ NZBs with almost no fakes or garbage. They are an open site, which means there is no need for invites to access their service. Their site is 100% SSL secured and is extremely fast. NZBFinder is also compatible with the following software:

  • Sonarr, Radar, Lidar
  • NZBHydra 2
  • Sickrage, SickGear, Sickbeard
  • CouchPotato
  • Headphones
  • Mylar & LazyLibrarian
  • 100% Newznab Compatible

NZBFinder also has an IRC channel (#NZBFinder) on SynIRC if there are any questions you need to ask or concerns you need to raise.



NZB’s And Retention
NZBFinder has a retention of over 3600 days of binary.

Account Features
NZBFinder has several membership levels. You can search the site for free once registered, but you will have certain limitations. APIs differ depending on your membership level. You may pay for their service via credit cards, Bitcoin or prepaid gift cards.


NZBFinder is a newznab-based site that has a simple interface that can be easily navigated and explored even by the most beginner of users. They provide enough information on software configuration and have a Newznab compatible API that works well with a lot of apps.

You can explore the site through several approaches like the usual search box, or use their advanced search and popular download link.

Technical Details

NZBFinder runs on a cluster of servers in the cloud, assuring that their website is fast. Their average response time is 1280 milliseconds and has an uptime of 99%.
For software configuration, they provide this information on their site once you’ve registered to their service.













With its multiple membership levels, NZBFinder is a good option for different types of NZB users. The most novice users can easily navigate the site. NZBFinder also has a fairly extensive library and an impressive computing power. All in all, NZBFinder is a great NZB site in terms of ease of use and pricing flexibility. You get a decent amount of free NZB downloads and API hits as a free member, and with their other three premium accounts, you get a lot more APIs and unlimited downloads, which would be perfect for heavy users. Plus, you get access to Spotweb if you avail of their highest membership level. While NZBFinder is limited in terms of type of files which excludes games and consoles, this NZB site is still and great indexer that has high-quality audio and video content as well as book and miscellaneous files. Overall, NZBFinder is a great site for its content, convenience and flexible pricing.

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