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Its back...and its brought tentacles!!! May 6th, the day the world celebrates the underappreciated but finest of all the arts, HENTAI!

Unlike last year why stop at 3 days of celebration? Running from May 6th until the end of May 15th it will run for just over a week, the finest art form deserves nothing less. We will be giving out shiny rewards for Torrents that fall under the Hentai umbrella. And if you upload 4 entries you'll get a big fat juicy bulging meaty girthy futa...sorry just got a little carried away there *puts on a new pair of underwear* Annnnnnnyway handing out a big fat juicy bonus reward for uploading 4 entries.[/color]

To read more and submit your entry visit the forum thread:
Hentai Day 2022 Upload Event
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