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DanishBytes | DB | HD | 2022 Review

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DanishBytes | DB | HD | 2022 Review






Name DanishBytes
Tracker URL https://danishbytes.org/
Tracker Genre HD
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Bonus System Yes
Seed Difficulty Easy - Medium
Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only/Application
Banned Countries None
IRC Channel



DanishBytes is a new DANISH HD tracker for HD movies and series - especially with Danish/Nordic subtitles and language and Danish content.
It opened January 3 2021 and so far there is 3.600 well seeded Torrents considering the age and size.
At the moment RTBYTES and TWA are the only official Danish encoding groups on the site, but content from DBKiDS, DBRETAIL, RAPIDCOWS and most other Danish groups is everywhere on the site.

The tracker is as of this date the only Danish tracker. Over the last few years we slowly lost all the old, big and well established trackers in Denmark. This all culminated in the end of 2020 where RettighedsAlliancen managed to get all the remaining Danish trackers shut down. DanishBytes quickly showed up and is still, and will be for a long time, under development. The trackers main priority right now is security and getting the base functions to work - UI will be the last step. Because of this there is there is no open signup.
You can get in with an invite or by providing real evidence that you are trustworthy - stats form other trackers etc.

The community and willingness on the tracker is strong, and people are helping in every way and especially with uploading Danish and Nordic content from the closed Danish trackers.

So far the torrents are seeded very well. It has a bonus system that rewards torrent size, old torrents and keeping torrents alive.
Its pretty similar to what's found on PrivateHD but a little more advanced. You can purchase upload, Freeleech and invites.

Maintaining ratio is easy-medium as there is a lot of global freeleech on the tracker at this state.

The structure/layout of the site can be a little confusing and is not the best at the moment.
You have to seed to 1:1 or at least 48 hours, otherwise you will get a HNR warning - more details can be found in the images.
You are held responsible for seeding a torrent after you have downloaded 5% of the size or 1GB.

DanishBytes is especially good for the Custom DK subs their encoders provide, but the focus on NORDIC releases (DK, NO, SE and FIN subs) should also be mentioned.

The language is Danish, but can easily be used with google translate page translator.
























Speed 8/10
Pre-time -/10
Content 7/10
Community 7/10
Overall 7/10




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